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Below you can find a list of works that I have been working on during the last years.


2018: "Music for four electric guitars", for four electric guitars.

2018" "El tiempo hecho añicos" for cello, doublebass, electronics and text writer in real time.

2018: "Falling", for soprano, electric guitar and live electronics.

2017: "untitled, for Guillermo Bocanegra", for guitar and live electronics.

2017: "Filtraciones", for 2 contrabass flutes and live electronics.

2017: "Una tierra salvaje", for four actors and electronics, in collaboration with theater maker Nahuel Cano.

2015: "Oxímoron", for photography, electronic sounds and text. In collaboration with photographer Hernán Oviedo.

2015: "El limonero real", chamber opera in one act based on the homonym novel of Argentine author Juan José Saer. Commissioned by the CETC (Experimental Centre of Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2014: “Forward”, for National Resophonic Just Intonation Guitar and electronics. Commissioned by Elliot Simpson.

2014: “Verticalities and indifferences”, for chamber ensemble. Co-commissioned by Empyrean Ensemble (Davis, US)

and Ensemble DAMuS (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2013-2014: Music and sound design for the theater play “Zoom”, written and directed by Luz Lassizuk (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2013: Composition of interludes and soundscapes for the opera Medee by Luigi Cherubini. Commissioned by Opera2DAY, The Netherlands.

2013: “The inner sounds of my mind”, commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Modelo62.

2013: “Dar cuerda al reloj”, commissioned and premiered by Soundinitiative New Music Ensemble (Paris, France)

2012: “music for chamber ensemble”, commissioned by New European Ensemble. Premiered at festival Sound of Stockholm (Sweden)

2012: Original music for the feature film “Samurai”, by Gaspar Scheuer (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2012: “airport”, for bass clarinet and live electronics. Commissioned and premiered by clarinetist Enric Sans I Morera.

2012: “music for six electric guitars”, for six electric guitars in scordatura. Premiered in Hamburg, Germany.

2012: “music for flute and electric guitar”, premiered in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

2011: “music for string quartet”, non-premiered work.

2011: “retazos”. For bayan, electric guitar, keyboard and percussion. Co-commissioned by Gaudeamus Festival and the European Contemporary Orchestra (Belgium/France/Netherlands). Premiered at the Gaudeamus Music Week (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Also Performed in Mons (Belgium) and Marseille (France).

2011: Original music for the dance piece “Pequenhas mortes” –little deaths- created by Vancllea Porath. Premiered in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2010: Sound installation “Skjult lyd”­, for 8 resonant columns producing feedback in the parking lot at USF Bergen, Norway. Commissioned by the Festival Nattjazz and financed by Bergen Kommune and Performing Arts Fund NL.

2009: “N N”. Commissioned by Ensemble MAE. Premiered at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

2009: “La vida breve”, commissioned by Ensemble Modelo62. Premiered at Festival November Music (Tilburg, The Netherlands).

2009: “Declamations”, commissioned by Ensemble Klang. Premiered at Festival Dutch Music Days (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

2009: “Sincrónico (por deficiencia sensorial)” , commissioned by trombonist Brandt Attema and harpist Astrid Haring. Included in their album “Duo Attema-Haring” and performed extensively in The Netherlands and abroad.

2009: Instrumental adaptation of the original tape piece “Fractuur”, by British composer John Wall. Commissioned by Ensemble MAE.

2008: “Brújula”, for large ensemble spread in the concert hall. Premiered at the Festival of Iberoamerican Art (México City, México)

2008: “29-04<>05-05-2008”, miniature composed for Ensemble Klang and premiered at the Festival Dag In De Branding (The Hague, The Netherlands)

2008: “Tramos”, for custom built resonant instrument, thimbles and electronics.

2008: Original music for the theatre play “Oraciones”, written and directed by Colombian dramaturge Ana María Vallejo.

2007: “Canciones abrumadoras”, commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Broooomm! (The Netherlands).  

2007: “Más ausencias que ilusión”, for ensemble and video. Collaboration with video artist Antonia Fritche.

2007: “Todo se construye y se destruye tan rápidamente”, commissioned and premiered by the ensemble Les Enfants Terribles (Montreal, Canada).

2007: Original music for the feature film “El desierto negro”, by Gaspar Scheuer (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2006: “Una mujer detrás de un vidrio empañado”, commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Klang (The Netherlands)

2006: “A failed attempt of a self-portrait”, for large ensemble.

2006: “(di)section II”, for solo accordion. Performed by Pascal Contet in France and Switzerland.

2006: “El sistema”, for large ensemble. Commissioned by Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (Montreal, Canada).

2005: “Como el agua de un cesto”, written for the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

2005: “La boca llena de flores o peces”, commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire for opening act of the school-year

2005:  “…and death was all around…”  for large ensemble. Performed by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta.

Ezequiel Menalled
Ezequiel Menalled
Ezequiel Menalled
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